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Sales Commission Program for Perfex CRM

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Product Description

The commission Program is generally referred to as the variable component of the total sales compensation package. The total commission earned depends on the personal goals of each salesperson and their performance. Their commission structure covers the performance of the sales rep for the amount of money each rep takes home. It’s no secret that accountability produces results, and a well-structured commission plan is a great way to encourage superior performance.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all, sales compensation plans come in many shapes and sizes, including: pay / hourly + commission, commission only, TED commission, residual commission, and variable rate commission. Of these, the easiest and most widely used approach is to pay a fixed percentage based on the income generated from a sale. Very simple, a sales rep who closes a deal for $ 500 with a 5% commission rate earns $ 25 per sale.

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